About Us

Tech tribe MacBook part specialistsThe Tech Tribe Ltd

We are a growing electronics part wholesale company, specialising in Apple Macbook parts. We have vigorously tested the parts we supply to ensure they are the highest quality for our customers, with minimum defect rates.

As technicians ourselves, with over 15 years in the tech repair industry, we understand the importance of good quality parts. Minimising customer returns, redoing less jobs, making more free time to take on new clients and more repairs!

There is nothing worse than receiving bad parts which affects YOUR reputation! We have built up a great reputation for our own repair shops by providing both a great service and quality parts to our customers. Let us make sure your customers get the same!

Rest assured that our customer service matches the quality of our parts! we are available on the phone 9 – 5pm weekdays and will always respond to emails in a timely manner. if you need advice on a part or are unsure what part to order pick up the phone and speak to a friendly member of staff.

we are experienced technicians and are always happy to share our knowledge. If you are stuck on a repair or need some advice please feel free to call and speak to a technician.