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Type-C USB Tester Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Voltage Current Meter Detector Dual

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USB C Dual Ammeter

This Dual USB and USB-C Ammeter is ideal for. every workshop where you are repairing or testing devices. easily check phone or tablet charging current to test and diagnose no power or charging issues.

Check that your USB-C Macbook is jumping from 5v to 20v to easily diagnose CD32 charging issues, amongst many other quick diagnostics steps.

  • Multi Functional Tester: Multiple interfaces (USB input/output, Type-C input/output and Micro USB input),Used to detects the charging status and process of your USB-enabled or type c-enabled devices.Data transfer supported but have limitations, please refer to product description for using details .Supports QC3.0, QC2.0 and BC1.2 ,MTK in different devices. It can be also used to find the highest current of the Wireless Charger, and test capacity and electric energy of power bank.
  • Safety Protection: Featured with Over-voltage protection, Over-current protection, under-voltage protection, low energy protection and alarm system. So, this USB Type C tester can detect safety and maximally protect the appliances from damaging. It will cut off output automatically and alarm by sound, while it will save data when power off suddenly.
  • LCD multicolour display : Upgraded version offers IPS HD 9 LCD main colour screen display interfaces, allowing switching the display interface by pressing the key. Support English or Chinese Language show, and individual screen display for more visible enjoyment.
  • Support PD protocol:Thanks to the PD protocol quick charging mode measurement technology, this new multimeter supports the updated iPhone X mobile phone. (Support iPhone 8 / 8P / iPhone Xs quick charging ONLY with IOS PD Fast charging adapter and cable). It also can be applied to test other type C devices, such as Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Google Chrome BookPixel, OnePlus, Huawei P9, etc
  • OTG Adapter for Free : It comes with a OTG adapter, which enables you to expand your USB and Micro USB Function.(convert USB input connection port to Micro port by Insert OTG Adapter).We are always at your disposal for solving problems for you, buy with confidence, just place an order.